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Casting A Real Love Spell On Anyone You Like

How to prepare for a real love spell


Any real love spell requires certain preparations. To begin with, try to tell your fortune to know what to expect and if the spell may be dangerous for you. There are different ways to tell your fortune, including pendulum reading. I, spellcaster Maxim, described this method in one of my previous articles and the so-called “Q&A” method. You need five notes saying “you’re allowed to do magic” and five notes saying “you’re not allowed to do magic”. Turn them over, mix them up, and choose any three notes.
If you get:
3 affirmative answers – you’re good to go! You can try to cast your real love spell. Even if it proves ineffective, you won’t get hurt;
2 affirmative and 1 negative answer – you have a chance to succeed but the spell won’t go as smoothly;
2 negative and 1 affirmative answer – you’ll take big risks if you decide to go through with your love spell;
3 negative answers – forget about home magic and find a professional spellcaster.
If you got three affirmative answers, continue preparing for your love spell. Collect the required ingredients and tools and abstain from meat, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and any medications affecting your mental health and central nervous system, for one week. If you can’t skip your medications, forget about doing magic on your own. It’s too risky for you as magic tends to worsen existing mental and psychological heath conditions causing irreparable damage. So your only option is to contact me and let me take care of it.

How to cast real love spells

Many real love spells require special ingredients and this spell is not an exception. To cast it, you need some honeycomb (filled with honey), 12 candles, a photo of the target, your photo, red wool yarn, a silver knife, and a silver tray.
This spell is cast on a Thursday evening when it’s a waxing moon. Wipe the table thoroughly. If it has any drawers, empty them out and wipe them too. Put the silver tray on the table and put all 12 candles on the opposite end of the table. Put them in a semicircle order for you to have free access to the middle of the tray.
Real love spellPut the photo of the target on the tray. Light the candles one by one. Before you light each next candle, say:
“I (your name) will put a love spell on you (the target’s name). Don’t you (the target’s name) dare to run away from me, don’t you (the target’s name) dare to hide from me, don’t you (the target’s name) dare to go against my will.”
You should repeat the spell 12 times in total.
Now start moving the honeycomb above the candles for the honey to melt and start dripping. Drip some honey over the target’s photo (the photo should be covered with it). Draw a cross on the honey with the silver knife and then draw a circle around the photo three times saying:
“I’m cutting you (the target’s name) off from your old bonds. I’m cutting you (the target’s name) off from your old habits. I’m cutting you (the target’s name) off from your unwillingness to love me.”
Now take your photo and put it over the target’s photo (face down).
Now start putting out the candles with your fingers repeating:
“When the candle is put out, the spell will take effect. It’ll be strong and lasting and no magic practitioner or spirit will be able to remove it from you (the target’s name). It’ll be in my power to let you go when my love for you is gone.”
Carefully bring the tray with the candles into another room which can be locked up and which you won’t enter for a month. Yes, if you want this love spell to work, lock the door and don’t open it for 30 days. The spell will take effect in about a week reaching full force by the end of the month. In 30 days wrap the tray with the candles in thick paper, wind it around with red threads, and put it away. You may need it later if you decide to break this love spell. In this case light the candles again and let them burn all the way down. While the candles are burning, repeat:
“I (your name) am letting you (the target’s name) go and I’m no longer asking for your love, attention or loyalty. You’re free now.”
I, spellcaster Maxim, know many readers will find this spell too complicated. But believe me, there are far more complicated spells of magic love which are cast for days and require pricey ingredients.

Spells of magic love by spellcaster Maxim

When you hire professional magic practitioners to cast real love spells, you, first of all, save money. If you decide to perform a complex ritual yourself, the total price will be higher than if you hire a professional spellcaster. The reason is professional spellcasters already have most of the required tools and they don’t have to buy them specifically for your ritual.
When you hire professional magic practitioners, such as me, spellcaster Maxim, you save your energy. But more importantly, you’re guaranteed to get good results within the shortest possible timelines. I’ve repeatedly told my readers that spells of magic love never bring instant results, but I’m sure that those who really love won’t mind waiting for a few weeks.
So feel free to contact me and I’ll help you build a strong relationship with the person you’re in love with.

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